You’re The One Lyrics

“You’re The One”

No need to wonder why I feel this way
Can only say it’s feeling good
And now that you’re here with me tonight
I’m gonna do just what I should

I’m not looking for a good time with no respect
Getting nothing in return
Lady you could be all mine
No regrets

‘Cause you’re the only one I really love
You’re the only one I’m dreaming of
You’re the one and I’m in love with you
Oh oh oh

You must have stepped out of another world
There is no one who compares
And I wish you could be my one and only girl
I wanna touch you everywhere

I’m not looking for a free fall
I ain’t got time
Knowing love is on the line
Tell me what’s on your mind
I need to know

About You’re The One

Artist: The Neville Brothers
Related Songs: Forever… For Tonight
Album: Uptown
Released: 1987
Genre: R&B, funk
Label: EMI America Records[1]
Format: CD, Album
Avg Rating: 3.83 / 5
Ratings: 6
Producer: Jim Gaines (executive producer)

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