Without Your Love Lyrics

“Without Your Love”

I was born on the wrong of the city
Desperation in my mother’s eyes
Factory whistle would wake me in the morning
At night the sirens sang my lullaby

Fought my way out of the blue collar jungle
Heart of leather and hands of steel
Thought I was too much of a sole survivor
To ever feel the way I feel

But I don’t want to live without your love
I don’t want to live without your love
I can’t take another night
And I’ve lost the will to fight
I don’t want to live without your love

Dance with the Devil in a bottle of whiskey
I paid the fiddler for every song
You’d think with all the lessons learned the hard way
I’d know enough to be strong

About Without Your Love

Artist: Aaron Tippin
Related Songs: A Real Nice Problem To Have
Album: Tool Box
Released: November 21, 1995
Recorded: 1995 at Woodland Studio “A” and Emporium Studio “A” (Nashville, TN)[1]
Genre: Country
Length: 35:13
Label: RCA Nashville
Producer: Steve Gibson

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