Twenty-Nine And Holding Lyrics

“Twenty-Nine And Holding”

Oh, she’s tender but she’s tough
And still willing to love
If there’s a man enough to be her man
But right now her hands are full
Fighting back the tears and the wolves
But she keeps smiling just as hard as she can

She’s twenty-nine and holding the world on her shoulders
They’re all counting on mama
And she ain’t about to let them down
There’s no time to worry about turning thirty
When you’re twenty-nine and holding
The world on you shoulders

Yes, the one who she once loved
Just didn’t have the guts
To be a lover or father or much of a man
Yeah, he just had to have his space
So she put him in his place
Out in the road with his suitcase in his hand

Well, it’s the kids and it’s the job
It’s the kitchen and it’s the mop
Hey, it’s the life of a woman that’s on her own
And lord, I just gotta say
That we all ought to be ashamed
If our biggest trouble is just turning old and gray

She’s twenty-nine and holding the world on her shoulders

About Twenty-Nine And Holding

Artist: Aaron Tippin
Related Songs: Big Boy Toys
Album: People Like Us
Released: July 25, 2000
Recorded: The Soundshop Studios, Nashville, TN
Genre: Country
Length: 37:40
Label: Lyric Street
Producer: Mike Bradley, Aaron Tippin, Biff Watson

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