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Sittin thinkin bout my position
Bout my condition
Bout my intentions
Bout my decisions oh
I’m bout the business but mind my business
So just because yo heart speak don’t mean mine got to listen
Count my commission
Add up the checks
Hope the pain go away when I add up the rest
I can’t love so your love I had to reject
And that’s something that you had to respect

Baby I’m just trynna keep yo heart in the clear
And I don’t wanna keep no parts unless I’m there
I know you wanna lowkey start somethin here
But only gettin love for what I got my biggest fear

So ima just
Keep on makin my deposits
Heart ain’t on my sleeve it’s hidin
Only call her when I’m trynna get inside it
Told her only call me when she trynna ride it

We could smoke, prolly chill
Give you hope, make you feel
But this ain’t love
This ain’t me

I been broken
Ain’t been healed
We ain’t spoken
But I’ll still
Give you love that’s

Temporary (temporary)
Temporary (temporary)
Temporary temporary
Temporary (temporary)
Temporary (temporary)

And sometimes I get a colder shoulder
And sometimes it get a lil colder
Know one time I told you “girl I like you”
The next day I told you this was over

I got her thinking how you switch so quick
How you dip so quick
How you gone flip yo script
Man I get so sick of the same old same old excuses
I know you got a brain my nigga why don’t you use it
I’m giving you this love
Just to watch you abuse it
You keep on fuckin up you gone fuck around and lose it

And this ain’t even fair
You act like you don’t care
Yo body over here but yo mind been over there

I was thinking bout the, new chapter in my life
I was thinking bout the, bad bitches that I might
Know I lost somebody that prolly coulda been my wife
If she ever hit my phone again imma reply like, girl

Can we smoke
Can we chill
Give me hope
Make me feel
I’ll give you love
Give you me

Girl, you been broken, ain’t been healed
We ain’t spoken, but I’ll still
Give you love yes
Give you love yea

About Temporary

Artist: Aaron May
Related Songs: Chains
Album: Summer 19
Release date: 
October 9, 2019

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