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“Teddy’s Jam 2”

Yo, stop
Are y’all ready for the jam?
I said, are y’all ready for the jam?
Yo, G, kick it

Jam, oh, jam
Teddy, jam for me
Teddy, jam for me
Teddy, Teddy, jam
Teddy, Teddy, jam
(I just want to jam for you)
(All night long)
Teddy, jam for me
(Don’t you want to jam for me?)
With me now
Teddy, jam for me, yeah
Sounds good to me
Oh, oh, oh, oh, jam for me
Jam for me
Oh, jam for me
Come on, Ted
Jam for me, yeah
(Jam for me)
I don’t know about you, oh
(Jam for me)
Sure feel good for me
Play it, Teddy
Play it, Teddy, baby, now
Sounds so good to me
Teddy jam
Can you jam feel it?
You playing like you never played before
I can feel it

You’re rockin’ with the G, baby
It’s the G, G, baby
You gotta get with the program, baby
‘Cause if you can’t get with the program, you ain’t with it
You ain’t got it, baby

I don’t know what it going on
Everything you play, it sounds too good
It feel real good to me
Teddy, jam for me
Jam for the people
Take me to Heaven, baby
Come on, Teddy
Jam for the people
They need to hear you
Play it a little louder, Teddy
Come on
(That right there)
Jam for the people
Everywhere you go
Sing it and sing it
Come to your country
All over the world
For me, for me, Teddy

About Teddy’s Jam 2

Artist: Guy
Related Songs: Do Me Right
Album: The Future
Released: November 13, 1990
Recorded: 1989–1990
Studio: Soundtrack Studio, New York City
Genre: New jack swing[1]
Length: 72:02
Label: UptownMCA
Producer: Guy, Teddy Riley, Bernard Belle, Aqil Davidson, Brandon Mitchell

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