Slide On Me Lyrics

“Slide On Me”
(“Endless” Version)

Gotta rinse off here
I can’t see your diamonds
I need a week paradise
I went god mode all year
I can’t see so cloudy
Paradiso laundries
I keep the cheats on all year
Sometime in Heaven
You still behind like ancestor
All on your mood board all year
I went god mode about it
You ain’t got no muscles, lil’ nigga
I ain’t in the mood for it all year
I keep the cheats on always
Wrong side of average

Now when you slide on me, you slide on me
You slide off or peace out, yeah, yeah
That’s a free slide on me, first time’s on me
Next time won’t be, oh, yeah, yeah

For your mentality
You play ball, you run 5 on 5 least three times a week
Glen Park down the street
Waitin’ on you to tire, retire with victory
Play so savagely
Always fighting with them you grew up with
When you lose you don’t cry, but you low-key sad to see
If we cut like some champions you’ll redeem yourself
You’ll sleep happily, uh-ha ha, smiling
I’m still working while you dream pop
I could never let a scene stop smilin’ on me
I don’t think they get the point pop
They forgettin’ that it’s me, akh
Akhi tell ’em I ain’t gone, wallahi
I’m just all day running numbers
How the fuck you think I live?
Too many heads waitin’ for my downfall
They’re like “something’s gotta give”
Boys in the building give me updates like they know the weather
If you ain’t in the streets you can’t see the sky, I’m out here
I could see the sky and it’s paradise
On the regular

And when you slide on me, you slide on me
You slide on, oh slide, yeah, yeah
Now when you slide on me, you slide on me
First time on me, oh, yeah, yeah

This is for when you change your mind and slide back this way
This is for that night when setbacks won’t let that much fade
Guess you can’t blame the ones you choose

About Frank Ocean Lyrics

Artist: Frank Ocean
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Album: Endless
Release date: 
August 19, 2016
Recorded: 2013–2016

Label: Fresh Produce; Def Jam
Length: 45:52
Genre: Ambient pop; ‎avant-soul‎; R&B; ‎trap‎;‎
Producer: Frank Ocean; Vegyn‎; Troy Noka; ‎Mi…‎
Studio: Capitol, Hollywood; ‎The Mercer Hotel‎,

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