Slide On Me Lyrics

“Slide On Me”
(feat. Young Thug)
(Remix Version)

See you peeping out the peep hole
Gambling with your life, nigga, Cee-Lo
Three stripes and they’re all green gold
Three strikes in a row mean go
And you die slow, oh
Nigga, die slow
I screamed when I saw the titties on Janet Jackson
I’m screaming from the top of the planet
They first saw my swag, they was laughing
But my bitch bad, she leaving damage
I’m higher than a motherfucking ladder
I’m balling, I’m balling on all you scrubs
Got you riding in your foreign, you’re living it up
Front’s 21s and the back’s on them dubs
Jeffery got a mink on, he look like a cub
Riding in the Rozay away from the world
Oasis on and I’m feeling a grudge
Oasis on when I’m seeing you girl
Oasis on and I’m seeing the dust
Oasis on and I’m feeling like water
Oasis on when I’m serving the plugs
Oasis on when I’m serving these drugs
Off white molly, I sniff it off her
All of y’all on hold on while I tangle my buzz
All white hoes putting dick in their guts
All type of hoes putting dick in their guts
Bad black hoes, they’re drinking the cum
Told her when she cum I wanna drink a little some
Molly bite down, man, I need me some gum
Cop me a Sudan I’ma gon’ turn up a bomb

Now when you slide on me, you slide on me
You slide on peace out, yeah
That’s a free slide on me, first time’s on me
Next time won’t be, oh, yeah, yeah

For your mentality you play ball
You run 5 on 5 least three times a week
Glen Park down the street
Waiting on you to tire
Retire with victory, play so savagely
Always fighting with them you grew up with
When you lose you don’t cry but you low-key sad to see
If we cut like some champions you’ll redeem yourself
You’ll sleep happily, uh-ha-ha, smiling
I’m still working while you dream pop
I could never let a scene stop smiling on me
I don’t think they get the point pop
They forgetting that it’s me, akh
Akhi tell ’em I ain’t gone, wallahi
I’m just all day running numbers
How the fuck you think I live?
Too many heads waiting for my downfall
They’re like “something’s gotta give”
Boys in the building give me updates like they know the weather
If you ain’t in the streets you can’t see the sky, I’m out here
I could see the sky and it’s paradise
On the regular

Now when you slide on me, you slide on me
You slide on peace out, yeah
That’s a free slide on me, first time’s on me
Next time won’t be, oh yeah

This is for when you change your mind and slide back this way
This is for that night when set backs won’t let that much fade
Guess you can’t blame the ones you choose

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 October 28, 1987 (age 34 years), Long Beach, California, United States
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