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“She Know What She Doin'”

She know what she doin’
I can see it when the song comes on
She know how to move it
I’ve been waiting on her all night long

She know what she doin’
Look at how she move it
I told her ‘I can love you right’
She’s asking me to prove it
I told her I’m the truest baby
Don’t be stuck on stupid
A million dollar man I don’t need nobody two cents
The question in my mind
I swear you can be the one
Take it shot at love baby you don’t need a gun
In the meantime I’m stressed out
Been doing things I don’t usually do
But, that’s the issue with you
I thought I could play it so cool
(Look at what she’ve done to me)
My mind throwed
I’m sideways
I’ve been thinking ’bout you and me
‘coz I ain’t been to sleep in like nine days
It gets reckless in six seconds
That’s word up to my Vine page
Don’t think of me it’s just AC
Coz I’m worth more than my Vine page

[Chorus x2]

Come on girl you know exactly what you gotta do
If he don’t love you like I can then you gotta move
I know you scared cause he hurt you and broke your heart in two
But not this time, the grass is greener on this side and
Okay, your move
It’s all, on you
I just want to be next up
And if you choose me we’ll blessed up
And I’m so, confused
What can, I do to tryna make you understand
You don’t need another man
So original couldn’t copy if you had ten clones
Even if I had ten homes I’d never live in the friendzone
This is right where you belong
Queen, you’d never be de-throned
And if you know a few dance moves
Baby this is your theme song

[Chorus x2]

[Chorus x2]

She know what she doin’

About She Know What She Doin

Artist: Aaron Carpenter
Related Songs: No Control
 October 5, 1998 (age 23 years), Louisiana, United States
Parents: Becky Anderson
Record label: Universal Music
Genre: Pop
TV shows: Chasing Cameron
Siblings: Dustyn Carpenter, Candice Carpenter
Nominations: Shorty Award for Green

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