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“Paper Jesus”

You take this all for granted.
All the things that used to be you.
By keeping you distracted
Just long enough to bleed you… dry

A reason for your anger,
It’s what I need, it’s what I need.
To recognize the truth
It’s what I need, it’s what I need.
So burn your paper Jesus
It’s what I need, it’s what I need,
And all the things you do,
It’s what I need, it’s what I need.

Question what they tell you
All the lies that they are teaching,
And they’ve made a corporation
Out of desperate people’s feelings… of fear

Somebody chose these words for you.
Interpretations of the truth.
Somewhere behind your fear they hide.
To fill the holes inside.

About Paper Jesus

Artist: Staind
Related Songs: Right Here
Album: Chapter V
Released: August 9, 2005
Recorded: June 2004 – March 2005
Studio: Allaire Studios, Shokan, New York and Mardi Gras Studio, Springfield, Massachusetts
Genre: Post-grungealternative metalalternative rock
Length: 50:35
Label: Flip, Atlantic
Producer: David Bottrill, Staind

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