Snoh aalegra – Njoy Lyrics |


It’s the last time I’ll speak on it
‘Cause you ain’t that important
It’s the last time I’ll sing about you
You search for me in every woman you see
I know for a fact I ain’t coming back
She can’t love you like me, no
No more late nights
No more late nights, no, I’m done with that
Enjoy, enjoy
I’m done
Won’t you come back, hey

About Njoy

Artist: Snoh Aalegra
Related Songs: You
Album: Ugh, those feels again
Length: 40:17
Release date: 16 August 2019[1]
Labels: ARTiumAWAL
Genres: R&B/Soul
Producer: Snoh Aalegra, ManeeshNo, I.D.Big WhiteCam, O’BiDee LillyNes, Rob Holladay, P2JD’Mile JonahChristian, Matthew BurnettRiley, BellJohan Lenox, Doctor O, Steve Wyreman, Compass

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