Is This The Life I Chose? Lyrics

“Is This The Life I Chose?”

Let it burn, and let me go with it
Let it burn cause there’s beauty in it
Let it fall, it’s time that it’s finished
It’s time, It’s time, It’s time

Everyone wonders why I never let them inside
Surrounded by enemies, they’ll never let me survive
Surrounded by traitors, so how could I let that shit slide?

It’s fuck you and off with your head
I’ll pour one for you when you’re dead
Betrayed me, I’ll never forget it
One day I’ll come back with a vengeance, for my revenge

I dropped out
I had to find my way out
This has to be my break now
I can’t afford a breakdown
So rack another line now
I gotta catch my flight out
Look how they wanna ride now

Now, it’s all night
Put it on her tongue, I just popped mine
Uber up the hills, why would I drive?
Pop another pill, this is my prime
Imma give another bump cause she asked nice
Oh, I’m always on the road
Or back home on the coast

They know I’ve earned it
Life is turning
Nights in Berlin
The bridge is burning
Oh let it burn
Mm, let ’em burn

Cause nobody’s riding with me to the ends
So I’m tired of pretending
Like we’re making amends
Like I didn’t take offense
Like you believed in my plans
And held me down in the trenches
But you’re not my mans, tho
So fuck out your feelings, bro

I’ve been on my own
Fighting through the storm
Never sell my soul
Till the day I fold
Till the day I go

Another line of blow
Is this the life I chose?
There’s nothing out here for me
But expensive drugs and these LA hoes

If you don’t want me, go
Cause I used to think that
Everybody left me
Till I realized
I’m the one
That let’s them go

About Is This The Life I Chose?

Artist: Aaryan Shah
Related Songs: Isolation (Dark Ages)
Album: The Dark Ages
Release date: 2020
Genre: R&B/Soul
Record labels: Aaryan Shah, Integral Studio

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