I’m Dying But I Understand Lyrics

“I’m Dying But I Understand”

Here I am again
Thinking of you
Softly, in the back of my mind
But oftentimes
I can’t shake you off me
Parasite, know too harsh
You’re the love of my life
Say goodnight, turn off the lights

And leave me to sleep
Have I not done enough good deeds
Haven’t I helped you see
You’re more than your sadness allows you to be
Sweet release
Sweet release

I made you wait
I said you could go
But I knew you’d stay
Am I selfish? Wait
Please don’t say, the point is that
I’ve changed, I’ve changed
Don’t you want me?
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
(I’m sorry)
I’m sorry, I’m sorry
(I’m sorry)

But you got a man
I heard it’s new
But it’s still true
That you got a man
And clearly he isn’t me
So what am I missing, goddamn?
Did I miss you by
A couple months
Or a couple of years
Either way, now I’m here

But it’s too late
I’ve sat you down
With tears on my face
And you looked away
You held me close
And I heard you say
That right now you can’t
You need to give new love a chance
Girl, I’m dying but I understand
I’m dying but I understand

About I’m Dying But I Understand

Artist: Aaron Taos
Related Songs: LongStoryShort
Album: Closure & Campari
Release date: September 17, 2021

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