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“I Love You”

[Aaradhna Breaks Into Beatboxing]

[Verse 1:]
Ain’t No Need To Worry,
Coz I Still Love You Baby,
Your Tha Only One For Me, Ain’t Nobody Else I Need,
Don’t You Ever Leave,
Coz There’s Alotta Lovin..I Owe You
You Just Gotta Know That Yeah
That I Love You

I Love You

[Verse 2:]
I Know I Haven’t Been Spendin Alotta Time With Ya,
I Been Busy Now I’m Free Here To Please Ya,
We Were Apart But Thats Tha Past,
All We Gotta Know Is We’re Together Now,
You Got My Hearts Missing Piece,
Connect It Together And You’ll Find Love,
You Just Gotta Know That Yeah,
That I Love You

I Love You

[Verse 3:]
Your Tha Only One For Me,
There Ain’t No One Else I Need No,
I Will Give My Love To Thee,
Together We Will Be For Eternity,
I Promise You I’ll Never Leave,
My Love For You Is Far Too Deep,
Without You I Wouldn’t Be Able To Breathe,
So I’m Tellin You Now That This Love Is Foreal..

I Love You

About I Love You

Artist: Aaradhna
Related Songs:
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Album: I Love You
May 8, 2006
Dawn Raid

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