Honky Tonk If You Love Country Lyrics

“Honky Tonk If You Love Country”

I reckon there’s one near your hometown
An old cinderblock building looks half torn down
Just hang a left down the lost highway
Keep going till you see the signs that say

Honky tonk if you love country
Honky tonk you whole life long
Honky tonk if you love country
That’s what keeps this country strong

Them little ladies in the kitchen can’t be beat
They’ve got your hard-boiled eggs and your pickled pig feet
Don’t you try to order no imported beer
That truck only runs from St. Louie to here

All the girls get frisky on Friday night
When the band starts playing don’t you be surprised
We do things different when we start to rock
Yeah, we hop on the hip and we hip on the hop

We’ll be the life of the party at the party of your life
You might even meet your next ex-wife
Ain’t no better place for you to be
In the home of the brave and the land of the free

About Honky Tonk If You Love Country

Artist: Aaron Tippin
Related Songs: I Believed
Album: Stars And Stripes
Released: September 10, 2002
Recorded: 2001-2002
Genre: Country
Length: 38:54
Label: Lyric Street
Producer: Mike Bradley, Aaron Tippin, Biff Watson

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