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“Hold Me Down”

If we do be more than friends
Can we still chill if this all ends
I don’t wanna talk to much, but I’ll hang with you
The partys almost over baby please come through
Right now
Right now
Right now

If you want to hold me down
Show me what your all about
I said I’ve been thinking bout you lately
I just really wanna call you baby
If that’s not to much for you just stay please
Please just come and chill, hang with me
And just hold me down

I’m waiting for you by my bed hoping you’ll just hit my phone again, again
But if your gonna leave me alone, I don’t even wanna be your friend, your friend
Talk to me the way you can, need you till the bitter end, I just wanna talk to you the way we did
The softest touch
The sweetest kiss

If we do be more than friends
Can we still chill in the end
I’m standing right here, you’re right next to me
I wanna hold you closely, wanna hold you closely
Mess with my mind, you’re stuck on repeat
If only you were with me, if only you were with me

I’m staring at the street, I’m blinded by the lights
Reminiscing all the time and where my life has gone away, where my life has gone away
Please just hold me down
The stars are all reflecting down, shining on this quiet town
I just wanna see you now tonight, tonight
I’ma tell ya, I’ll never fail ya
Come to my place, I’ll overwhelm ya

If we do be more than friends
Can we still chill in the end
You’re holding me down, you’re coming around
You could be with me just come hold me down
I’m holding you down, I’m coming around
I could be with you just come hold me down
Oh come hold me down

About Hold Me Down

Artist: Aaron Doh
Born: February 7, 1995 (age 27 years)
Genre: Pop
TV shows: Homeroom
Albums: Love Lies, Dreamland
Nominations:Shorty Award for Best Vine Comedian
Record labels: Shore 2 Shore Records, SEVEN records
Related Songs: I’ll Stay
Album: Love Lies

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