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“Groove Me (Extended Version)”

(Groove me, groove me)
(Groove me, groove me, groove me)
Aw, yeah, baby
Groove me tonight (Tonight)
Oh, really like the way you’re groovin’ (Tonight)
Hey, yeah
Really like the way you’re groovin’ (Tonight)
(Hey, groove me, oh)
(Groove me) Oh
(Baby) Oh
(Tonight) Tonight
Oh, baby
(Groove me) Oh
(Baby) Oh
(Tonight) Tonight
Baby, baby, please (Tonight)

When I get you home tonight (Tonight)
It is gonna be alright
Girl, just you and I
Hey, let’s recognize true love (Baby, tonight)
Hey, girl, I’m in, in a romantic mood (Baby, tonight)
Singing, ooh, won’t you groove me?

(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby, tonight)
Sing along with me
(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby) Baby
(Tonight) Hey

Even if it’s for a while (Tonight)
Enjoy this good lovin’ with a smile
We’ll go out tonight
Havin’ a little part of paradise (Baby, tonight)
We’ll go out tonight
Baby, havin’ dinner ’round the candlelight (Baby, tonight)
Then you can groove me

(Groove me) Baby
(Baby) Tonight
(Tonight) Woah
(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby) Baby
(Tonight) Really want you to groove me tonight
(Groove me)

(You rule it all)
Come on, baby
Groove me tonight
(Can you groove me?)
(Tonight) Oh

Don’t tease me with your maybe’s, girl (Tonight)
Tell me you are in my world and you’ll never leave
Girl, don’t make me plead with you (Baby, tonight)
I need your love, only you, my love (Baby, tonight)
Singing, oh, oh, groove me, baby

(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby) Baby
(Tonight) Groove me, baby
(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby) Baby
(Tonight) I-I-I-I
(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby) Baby (Tonight)
Tonight, tonight, right now, baby
(Groove me) That’s what I want you to do
(Baby) I want you to groove me tonight
(Tonight) Don’t say no, don’t say maybe
Groove me, baby, now (Do it)
(Tonight) Hey
(Can you groove me?) Hey, hey, hey
(Tonight) Oh, oh
(Can you groove me tonight?) Oh, oh
(Can you groove me tonight?) Oh, groove, groove, groove me
(Groove me) Yeah
(Baby) Tonight
It feels mighty sweet, the way you groove me, baby
(Groove me) Hey
(Baby) Tonight
(Tonight) Right now, right now
(Groove me) Groove me
(Baby) Yeah
(Tonight) Tonight
Ooh, groove me
(Groove me) Yeah
(Baby) Tonight
Feels mighty sweet, the way you’re groovin’ me tonight
(Groove me)
I-I-I need ya to groove me
(Groove me) Baby
(Baby) Babe
(Tonight) Tonight, right now
(Groove me) Right now
(Baby) Right now
(Tonight) Right, right, right now, baby
(Groove me)

Yeah, alright
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, all night
This is it, pass it on
(Funky) Yeah, that’s it
(Funky) And I said yes, ooh, yeah
(Funky) Now that’s it
(Funky) That’s it
(Funky, funky)
(Baby, tonight) Chris, yeah
Hey, don’t go now
(Funky) Uh
(Funky) Ba-Baby
(Funky) Tonight
(Funky) Ba-Ba-Baby, tonight
(Funky) Ba-Baby, tonight
(Funky) Yeah
Alright, come on now (Tonight)
(Funky) Ba-Baby
(Funky) Now that’s it (Tonight)
Yeah, yeah, that’s it
(Funky) Keep movin’
That’s it, yeah (Tonight)
(Groove me)
Hold up, hold up (Baby)
Hold up, hold up
This thing, it ain’t over
I thought y’all didn’t like the beat (Tonight)
It’s not over
Oh, man, oh, yeah
The party’s not over
(Aaron, you dare)

About Groove Me (Extended Version)

Artist: Guy
Related Songs: My Business
Album: Guy
Released: November 13, 1990
Recorded: 1989–1990
Studio: Soundtrack Studio, New York City
Genre: New jack swing[1]
Length: 72:02
Label: UptownMCA
Producer: Guy, Teddy Riley, Bernard Belle, Aqil Davidson, Brandon Mitchell

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