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“Focus (Interlude)”

Look, yeah
See you Harden at a young age when you in the H
We ain’t ever had to work out to be pushin’ weight
Have yo mind locked up in a case
They like to tell you that you write your own script
But forget to remind you, you can’t erase
All the felonies and misdemeanors, life is what you make
See the OG’s drew the picture, all you do is trace
When you follow in they footsteps, look right, and look left
Praying that nobody pull up to speed up the pace
Of that fast life, that you livin’
Late night jumpin’ with good dope and women
Told my brother think twice before he go grab the pack
They want you trapped in the same spots you trappin’ at
But what is he to do when all he really trynna do is eat
And the only thing that fed him was the streets
As this type of man, you leave a mark where you stand, like you wearin’ cleats
I just pray they don’t get six feet deep
Let me speak to you

Know you ain’t the type for coping
I know You been feelin’ down you been feelin’ hopeless
You ain’t tryna wait around, you put things in motion
I don’t want to slow you down, I just need a moment (Moment, moment)
Times be getting hard but don’t trip
You know you meant for the crown, you know you was chosen
Get your blessings out the ground, get the doors to open
Stormy waters never drown, you just stay in focus (Focus, focus)
Focus, Focus
Focus, Focus

About Focus (Interlude)

Artist: Aaron May
Related Songs: Cream
Album: CHASE

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