Crazy Lyrics


It go, Run dum dum, This for my niggas selling yayo
I said Run dum dum, keep it bussin’ every day yo

[Verse 1:]
Four Four with the nose leakin’, still workin
Back up in this bitch like a lab surgeon
Fired up, leave a snitch nigga wide if he wired up
Yeah, huh, Jaw shut
Pool butts
Ran to the bread but only got crusts
So me grindin’ with that iron is a real must
And it will bust, trust
So hush little boy hush
It’s a man’s world
You can go and keep it jerkin do your dance girl
I’m a cold nigga
Street entrepreneur trying to gain figures
Huh, plus I heard you was a lame nigga
Nah nigga, no need to explain nigga
First off see you never did your thing nigga
Looked up in the year book and seen you was the same nigga
Take you back to as a child
Where you was runnin from the same niggas that is bustas now
So you drink to sterilize your pain
And you never sober, should of been a soldier

Up jumps the boogie to the bang bang boogie not another nigga fuckin’ with me
I go upside your head, leave a mother fucker dead and I dare an eye witness to see
I got me something and it do somethin’ sweet
Acting retarded nigga my cup of tea

[Verse 2:]
Bang Pop niggas sling rocks like a sling shot
Call my bitch China White, all she do is bang cock
Still with the same Glock, like I never heard cops
Fuck police tattoo’s
50 niggas serve got
Beanie down, Blacked up
Every niggas strapped up
And we all tryna prove somethin’
Move somethin’
Fool nothin’ all you niggas dead frontin’
Be politicking’ never beyond dumbin’
Straight gunnin’
Huh? Yeah, So whats crackalackin’?
Look into a nigga eyes you know whats ’bout to happen
Back in action, flip the money like gymnastics
Wrapped in plastic, Fantastic
Make the soda pop you niggas smell the odor
Coca cola, heard it’s cheaper in the Nolia
So do the Nolia Clap
Where them birds at?
Just know I’m here for business though
See I serve rats
Yeah, make sure nigga heard that
Seen as he hit the back his ass getting whacked (BLAT)
Yeah, and it’s on to the next one
Gone to the next onw
Flyer than a Jetson
You knowin’ Ima get it in
Playin with the heat you should have gave it to your niggas then
Shots jump, roping out the Glock
Smoking like a double dutch
Too much


About Crazy

Artist: ScHoolboy Q
Related Songs: To tHa Beat (F’d Up)
Album: Setbacks
Released: January 11, 2011
Recorded: 2010 TDE Recording Studio: House of Pain, (Carson, California)
Genre: Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, experimental hip hop
Length: 62:36
Label: Top Dawg Entertainment
Producer: Lord Quest, Willie B, Focus…, Phonix Beats, Dae One, Tae Beast, DJ Wes, King Blue, Rahki, Tommy Black, Sounwave.

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