Snoh aalegra – Charleville 9200 Lyrics |

“Charleville 9200”
(feat. James Fauntleroy)

[Snoh Aalegra:]
Check 2-1-2, let’s go

Two kids in the night, Charleville 9200
This is how it feels to be alive
People walking by, but it’s just you and I
I feel your energy right through me
Well darlin’ everything with you is like movie

Movie (vibe)
Movie (vibe)

The grass is wet and cold
So you put down your coat for us to lay on (lay on)
I kiss your eyelid and we stay on
Electric mothafuckin’ vibez
Boy it’s on, it’s on
It’s not perfect, but it’s great
What are we doing in the first place?
It seems to be true that every step with you
Darlin’, is like a movie…

Movie (vibe)
Movie (vibe)
Movie (vibez)
Movie (vibez)

[James Fauntleroy:]
Girl you know you got special effects
It just feels so real
A tidal wave in my bed
That’s how it feels

My body and my mind
Somebody press rewind

Look where we came from
Gambling so far
Loving you’s like Casino
That shit bomb in the car
I knew you were a star
By the way that you glowing
Wherever you go I’m going to go wherever you are
Look how we came up
Left a couple of scars
Loving you like Pacino
You gon’ love me tomorrow
Girl just get in the car
You already know it don’t matter where we go I’m going wherever you are

About Charleville 9200

Artist: Common, Snoh Aalegra, Cocaine 80s
Related Songs: In Your River
Album: Don’t Explain
Length: 6 tracks, 19:17
Release date: November 17, 2014
Labels: Epic Records
Genres: R&B/Soul, Pop, UK R&B

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