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“Came To Give Love”

Baby girl you got the whole world screaming
Giving it up for you
You got the party people fiending
Bump it to the roof
From the left side to the right side
And straight to the back
Ain’t nothing going on here but a dirty money track
Got the party people waving their hands and doing the rodeo
Aaliyah, why don’t you kick it, kick the flow

[1] -I came to give my love
To the fans across the world
Reach out to you
Touch the hearts of boys and girls

[Repeat 1 (3x)]

Came to spread my love
Do do do

About Came To Give Love

Artist: Aaliyah
Related Songs: The One I Gave My Heart To
Album: One In A Million
Length: 73:18
Release date: August 13, 1996
Recorded: August 1995–July 1996
Labels: BlackgroundAtlantic
Studio: Vanguard (Detroit), Pyramid (Ithaca), BatteryHouse of Sound, Manhattan Center, Mystic, Soundtrax, The Hit Factory (New York City), Full Spectrum (Chicago), Krosswire, LaCoCo (Atlanta), Larrabee (Los Angeles)
Genres: R&Bhip hop soulpop
 Soul Train Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album – Female
Producer: Timbaland, Carl-So-LoweJ. Dibbs, Jermaine Dupri, Kay Gee,Vincent Herbert, Rodney Jerkin, sCraig King, Darren Lighty, Daryl Simmons

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