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“By Heart, By Soul”

If You were a road
I’d learn every turn til I
Could find my way with my eyes closed
If You were a song
I’d sing along til I
Knew every word and every note

But you were everything to me
A mystery
Your the Love I live to see

By heart, by soul
That’s how I want to know You
Keep you as close as
Breath is to life
Want to watch Your Love unfold
By heart, by soul

If You were a place
I’d stay my whole life til I
Had every corner memorized
And if You were a star
I’d follow You home, You would be
The Light that is my only guide

You were everything to me
My A to Z
Your the Love that’s lives in me

I want to know You inside and out
Better than I even know myself

If You were a star
I’d follow You home by heart
By soul

About By Heart By Soul

Artist: Aaron Neville
Related Songs: There Is Still A Dream
Album: Devotion
Release date: August 26, 2000
Style: Gospel
Genre: Funk / Soul, Pop
Format: CD, Album
Avg Rating: — / 5

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