Better Alone Lyrics

“Better Alone”

After everything you put me through
You can’t hit me up when you’re lonely
Never been there when I needed you
So why am I still here when you need me?
Need me

It’s been years I can’t let go
Of things I’ll never know
I thought I’d wake up from this nightmare
But you never leave me alone
It’s been years I just can’t let you go
Broken over what I’ll never know
Need you to stay in my past now
Cause I’m doing better alone
Cause I’m doing better alone

Know what you did
I know what you did, I know what you did
I know what you did
I knew it was him, I knew it was him

So don’t ever call me again
How dare you think we’ll still be friends?
I’ll suffer I know that I will
But what’s another heartbreak?
What’s left of my heart to break?

It’s been years I’m just tryna let go
I’m broken cause I’ve always known
I don’t know how I ended up here
But I was just better alone
I was just better alone, ooh

Can’t break my heart again
Again, again, again

About Better Alone

Artist: Aaryan Shah
Related Songs: Et Tu?
Album: The Dark Ages
Release date: 2020
Genre: R&B/Soul
Record labels: Aaryan Shah, Integral Studio

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