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“And 1”

God got me I’m blessed
I ain’t even done I bet
Out here chasing success
I don’t even count my checks

And 1

Ya’ll worried bout who next
I’m just putting in reps
I ain’t even done I bet
I just made something upset

And 1

Right on time just hit a milli
Wait nah.3
That’s 1.3 mil
Shoot the shot point 3
God never run dry
Blessings stacked too high
I know it’s good but aye I
Crossover great A.I
I know it’s coming ten fold
Look how the tens fold
I got a #1 song
But And 1 that though
And 2 that oh
And 3 that flow
And I’m bout to hit the road
Moved out I’m on a roll
My fam straight got no complaints
I’m on the skates I’m in the rink
I’m in the sync
I tell the truth I’m Mr. Linc
My diamond pink
I’m going nasty kind of stink
Sometimes I get down but then I know what’s up
I can never doubt cause He always always one me up

Grown man flow got me signed to Gotee
I’m the baby face assassin I can’t grow a gotee
Better know get God on the phone
We got more to do
I go mean I’m gon’ sing like it’s James 1:17
I know you feeling me baby I’m a addict
I’m addicted to the winning He be passing
They wanting me dead now
He in me I can’t die
Tell em the bed mine
Cause I make the headlines

About And 1

Artist: Aaron Cole
Related Songs: Parachute
Album: Virginia Boy
Release date: May 11, 2018
Genres: GospelChristian

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