Alabama Lyrics


Yup, duplex in New Orleans east
I was writing down everything
Things I would tell nobody
Some things I didn’t even tell me
Sleeping on my back, my body would wake up after me
My barber fresh out the penitentiary
That alcohol was stinging me
My four cousins stayed with me, stayed with us
One was in the shower
My aunt in law come over to fuss and fight
So she get out in cutoffs and a wife-beater
Bare feet and bra-less, titties swinging
She was seventeen then
Vaseline and Reebok classics
Weaves and baskets
Take the bully on the greenest grasses
His name was Renny, we was cool after
Matthew had some pairs of Air Maxes
Clarky had them road rashes
Lost your virgin on a air mattress
Texturizer, feeling unnatural
This what I would do just to show you
That it’s special now

What could I do to know you better than I do now?
What can I do to love you more than I do now?
What can I do to know you better?
What can I do to show my love?
What can I do to know you better?
What can I do? What can I do?

About Frank Ocean Lyrics

Artist: Frank Ocean
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Album: Endless
Release date: 
August 19, 2016
Recorded: 2013–2016

Label: Fresh Produce; Def Jam
Length: 45:52
Genre: Ambient pop; ‎avant-soul‎; R&B; ‎trap‎;‎
Producer: Frank Ocean; Vegyn‎; Troy Noka; ‎Mi…‎
Studio: Capitol, Hollywood; ‎The Mercer Hotel‎,

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