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“A9 Link Up”
(performed by Offica, Ace, Nikz, Dbo, Trapboy, Kebz & KSav)

JBJ Productions
Like Ace done did it, done done it again
Bow, bow

Can’t hack these lies if you step
Yo, yo, make a man just beat like Ghosty
One word and it’s gonna get long
Tell a man just stay in your lane like Tory
I ain’t really got time for a paigan
When I come back, I’ma turn my story
Glory, gotta take all that glory
No way, got a bad b from Norway
Let a girl wan’ rock in Prada
She count whine ’till it beat like a drummer
Don’t step in my zone two times
It’s peak, got us looking more like its karma
Yo, yo, I’m Ace, I’m a well known rapper
Real MC no harmer
If an opp boy step out with no armor
Let the beef fry, number 1 jump starter

More time bounce with the stick like pogo
Let that go, rurr, rurr, rurr, rurr
Up and down these roads, no yoyo
Skrr, lean out, skrr, skrr, skrr
Bow, I can’t fuck with a popo
I just say ‘I don’t know, no, no’
I still pop out with my G like Polo
Yolo, green light, go, go, go
I got a lil pump, esskeetit
Tap-tap, see the boy then run
Bally on my face when I hop out the whip
More time so you can’t see me like John
I don’t care if he’s hench like Ryback
Cah the gun would have bussed like porn
Feed my sons, my sons get fed
So feed me more if you want this corn

A92, we apply that pressure
I could never fold like wallet
Cop it, chop it, press it, sell it
Man’s tryna make that profit
I bunned a zoot, stayed high like rockets
‘Cause man’s got the plug like sockets
You got love for your paigan baby
Yo baby, come wined up on it
Bro bro’s on the wing like Gareth
If he gets bagged, they ain’t giving out bail
That yute couldn’t save his bro
Next time, gonna leave touch red like Wales
I’m really tryna make it flip
Then it’s back to the trap, put food on scales
Get mummy and daddy some acres
Gun on my side, so a man don’t fail

Stepped out on the block, like yo what’s good?
The jakes stopped me ’cause I’m wearing a hood
Or maybe they know that I’m dishing out food
Come like MacDonalds, serving this grub
This dotts will heat up your chest like rub
Grab it, aim it, shoot, skiddy bop
Corn just tear up your shirt like Hulk Hogan
Ain’t stopping till that boy gets got
You gon’ see when I M that punk
Man I’ll take that risk like I’m Jeff Hardy
Don’t think they can question me
They’ve been on ropes like WWE
I’m a 92 baby, the gyal go crazy
Got a bad b like Jay-Z
See the gang go brazy, too many ladies
But I’m just tryna get this cakey

Aye, are you ready or not?
They wan’ play hide and seek
We do this every week
In the bando, so we cannot sleep
Huh, who’s bad on b?
Run a man down ’till I hurt my feet
5 man squashed in the back of the seat
Don’t wanna go home ’till the mission’s complete
Man like Kebz, I’m a young black king do you know?
Huh, where the paves tho?
You can’t come ’round here no more
Nah, nah, that’s a no-no
We tear that block like Diego
Go, go, go Diego
Get ’round there where they’re a no-show

This gang’s too lit
So we get litty
Welcome to the D-Town block
In God we trust like a holy city
Over here we got shotties and shotties
Shelled off one, saw a brownskin pretty
I got cats and I got bare kitties
On my line, see the P like Diddy
Riding under, you’re silly
I live a sweet life like Zack, not Cody
My bro’s stuck in the T, no Cody
He got white in the house like trumps
So he can’t sleep but he stacked that posy
I roll in 2’s or 4 no Kobe
[?] in my Jack, no Jones
So best run if I step on my ‘lones
See gal love me when I [?] holes

Aye what’s up, what’s up
Tell me what you know ’bout A9 link up
Gally on me tryna get my dick up
Don’t talk on the net, man come with your fist up
Bro’s got the ting and he’s giving out kisses
Turn them to mist, he ain’t missing
Come to who’s yard, are you fucking kidding?
Got some lil’ light in the kitchen
‘Cause I’m in charge of it, General Sergeant Officer
And they keep calling me police but omo emi o se olopa
And I said it before and I’ll say it again: bu si ta kebawaja
Ride out in the car, ride out in Okada
Jump out, gang jump out the whip
Slapped him in the face, tell him who is his father

About A9 Link Up

Artist: A92
Related Songs: 
Drogheda, Ireland[1]
Genres: Irish hip hopDrill[1]
Years active: 2020–present
Labels: Moves Recordings[2]
Members: See list
Past members: ACE[3]

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