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(feat. Julissa Leilani)

It’s taken some years trying to find me
Long road but it ain’t concrete
I made some mistakes that still haunt me
Damage control been my undercover hobby
My pride running marathons at a high speed
Uh, got me praying on my knees
Tryna keep my past behind me
But in my heart I wanna say their ain’t rapper taking my seat, yeah
I almost lost it all before I even got it
It all go back to being honest
I was more worried bout takin’ shorty to sonic
Driving down forest lane never been as toxic
Reading scriptures painting vivid pictures
Relating to stories guess I found a lot of hidden figures
I ain’t David… but you get the kicker
Been in my head so the wins don’t make me think that I’m a winner
Cause that don’t last long
Therapy been slowing down a lot fastballs
I know God preparing me for the blast off
The devil only prowl when u a threat I’m going mad far, uh

So I thank God
I’m tryna hold my hood up like I’m Trayvon
Been fresh way before I hit grade nine
Did a lot of don’ts so far as dues yea I paid mine, yeah
It all go back to being honest
And not a profit not how I can be the biggest artist
I’m the biggest already because I’m Bristols finest, uh, right look
Remember Kirk dapped me up before I hit the stage
Honestly that meant more than my lil fame
Had an artist say when he win he’ll switch me for my js
I should ask him now if he still wanna trade, yeah
I mean I’m still amazed
I still can’t believe that the feelings fade
I felt on top of the world with just a lil taste
But honestly I’m the most happy when I’m in VA, yeah
Wit’ my fam ’em
They asking for the old Cole, well I am him
I’m tryna walk up to my pops and give em ten mil’
That still ain’t enough for all the time that he been real
I can’t even lie they telling me to pick aside
They saying sing then I sing, they ask me where the lines
Industry not what I thought so I’m bout to slide
Crazy younger me thought it was really all about God
They just want me kissing up to these shady folk, umm
It’s bout the ratings tho
If I change lives who care about the radio
I’m tryna give the folks my heart till I’m 84, right till I’m 84, 84

I’m tryna tell ’em ’bout heavenly joy
I know grace is real cause he ain’t gave up on the boy

Tryna tell ’em ’bout a heavenly joy
I know grace is real cause he ain’t gave up on the boy
Till I’m 84

Ooh-oh, I know grace is really you
He ain’t even giving up on the boy, on the boy
I’m trying to tell him ’bout Him, the heavenly joy
I swore, he ain’t ever giving up on the boy

About 84

Artist: Aaron Cole
Related Songs: SLOW DOWN
Release date: October 15, 2021
GenresR&B/Soul, Hip-Hop/Rap, Christian

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