Your Life (Fallen Soldiers) Lyrics

“Your Life (Fallen Soldiers)”

I spent most of my life trapped in the game
Livin’ in the ghetto you’d think it’s a shame
I done some of this, I done a lotta that
It’s a miracle I’m living’ ’cause someone had my back
Seen a lotta people leave without a sign
Got caught you pin the cross, lost their life before their time

I live for the spirit ’cause it’s good for my soul
Don’t wanna die young, gonna live to grow old

Don’t you walk outside
Without lookin’ around
Don’t you talk out loud
‘Cause they’ll be puttin’ you down
Don’t have time
Same ole messin’ around
Better do something with your life

We had a close knit hood that was never in the news
Killing one another we just didn’t do
The life as we knew it would take a sudden turn
As fear and jealousy took a hold of my world
Friends turned on friends with extreme deadly force
And left people reeling from the surface to the core
To see a friend go down I thought I’d never see
I was real lucky ’cause it coulda been me

I’ve got a lot a pardna’s still lost in the maze
Either in the penitentiary or on the streets in a daze
Blame it on the man while you beating up your self
Better make some changes before you die or live in hell
Seen a lot of people leave without a sign
Got caught up in the evil and they lost their mind
Live for the spirit ’cause it’s good for your soul
Stop acting a fool if you want to grow old

About Your Life (Fallen Soldiers)

Artist: The Neville Brothers
Related Songs: Streets Are Callin
Album: Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life
Release date: October 19, 2004
Format: CD, Album, Promo, Cardsleeve
Genre: Funk / Soul
Country: Europe
Label: Back Porch
Style: Funk

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