Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life Lyrics

“Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life”

When will it come, well we don’t know
So we can’t waste time
You could just stand there play it safe if you want to
No second chance when your ass is grass
Ain’t about the money
You can’t take your paper when you’re about to meet your maker

Watching everything just pass you by
Blaming everyone else when you ain’t never tried
Stalling every little chance you get
Never doing nothing about it
Until there ain’t no time left
Walkin’ in the shadow of life

You’re living blind, open up your eyes, crossroads are waiting
It’s in your hands, make a choice, but make the right one
The moment of truth is going down, you’d better be ready, for any and every
Put ’em up when the fight’s on
You could battle when you’re on the ropes
Waiting for the bell, caught in some choke hold
Just stop waiting on someone to help
You don’t have to suffer when you could save yourself
Walkin’ in the shadow of life

About Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life

Artist: The Neville Brothers
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Album: Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life
Release date: October 19, 2004
Format: CD, Album, Promo, Cardsleeve
Genre: Funk / Soul
Country: Europe
Label: Back Porch
Style: Funk

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