Venus And Mars Lyrics

“Venus And Mars (Reprise)”

Standing in the hall
Of the great cathedral
Waiting for the transport to come
Starship 21zna9
A good friend of mine
Studies the stars
Venus and Mars
Are alright tonight

Come away on a strange vacation
Holiday hardly begun
Run into a good friend of mine
Sold me her sign
Reach for the stars
Venus and Mars
Are alright tonight

About Wings Lyrics

Artist: Wings
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Venus and Mars
Release date: May 27, 1975
Label: MPL Communications
Length: 43:10
Born: May 31, 1987 (age 35 years), Osaka, Japan
Songwriting partners: Kōsuke Noma, KTG
Nominations: World Music Award for World’s Best Album
Genre: J-pop, Soundtracks
Record labels: NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, Avex

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