The Painter Lyrics

“The Painter”

Come colour up my life
Oh painter
Come colour up my life
Take away the misery
Take away the strife

Make me up a play
Make the meaning gay
(For I don’t know who I am)
Just give me words to say

Let me sing a song
Let me sing a song
You don’t have to worry
Cause singer you can sing along

About Deep Purple Lyrics

Artist: Deep Purple
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Album: Deep Purple in Rock
Release date: June 5, 1970
Label: Harvest Records
Length: 43:29
Origin: London, United Kingdom (1968)
Awards: Kerrang! Hall of Fame Award
Nominations: World Music Award for World’s Best Album
Genre: Heavy metal, Hard rock, Progressive rock, Classic rock, MORE
Record labels: Purple Records, EMI, Polydor Records, MORE

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