Please Don’t Be Scared Lyrics

“Please Don’t Be Scared”

There’s a light, behind your eyes
I see it shining, it only fades when you cry
There’s a heart that beats so strong
I feel it dying when the night time lasts too long
Now you and I have lived our century
And all I can say is what you offered to me[Chorus:]
Please don’t be scared
’cause I’ve stood there too
Between survival and the right thing to do
’cause only the strong, admit their fears
And if you really need me
I’ll always be here
The parties and the lights
Fade to memories in the still of the night
And you wonder in your mind
If there’s nothing left to show for all the time
’cause feeling pain is a hard way to know you’re still alive
But someday someone will make you glad you survived REPEAT CHORUS
‘Cause feeling pain is a hard way to know you’re still alive
Someday someone will make you glad you survived[Chorus]

About Barry Manilow Lyrics

Artist: Barry Manilow
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Barry Manilow
Release date: 1989
Label: STILETTO Entertainment
Born: June 17, 1943 (age 79 years), Brooklyn, New York, United States
Marriage location: Palm Springs, California, United States
Songwriting partners: Bruce Sussman, Melissa Manchester, MORE
Awards: Special Tony Award, MORE
Nominations: Laurence Olivier Mastercard Award for Best New Musical, MORE

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