Outro Lyrics


Yo, I knew it I knew it, this tape was the doppest thing I eva heard in my mothefuckin life.
This boy ICE-T ain’t no joke, that’ my nigga right there, I’m telling you, man, I love this stuff,
POWER POWER POWER, woo woo woo woo, oh, my man, gotta common, on man, were man I’m out of he…
Oh, man, homeboy steel bleed, not forgot all about, homoboy! Oh man, let me…
Oh shit, oh wait a minute, he still breathing, I’m gonna call the paramedics, let me call…
Well on second thought… Let me jam this tape just one more time…

About Ice-T Lyrics

Artist: Ice-T
Related songs:  Soul On Ice Lyrics
Release date: September 13, 1988
Label: Sire Records
Born: February 16, 1958 (age 64 years), Newark, New Jersey, United States
Marriage location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Grandchild: Elyjah Marrow
Songwriting partners: Jay-Z, Big Daddy Kane, Nelly, Ed Sheeran, MORE
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Rap Performance by a Duo or Group, MORE
Nominations: MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Breakthrough Performance, MORE

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