Ode To Freedom Lyrics

“Ode To Freedom”

If I ever write my
Ode to Freedom
It will be in prose that chimes with me
It would be a simple
Ode to Freedom
Not pretentious, but with dignity
I would like to think that freedom is
More than just a word
In grand and lofty language
Odes to Freedom often go unheard

If I ever wrote my
Ode to Freedom
Being privileged and spoilt for choice
Then I fear that you would
Be suspicious
Of the cause to which I’d lend my voice
It’s elusive and it’s hard to hold
It’s a fleeting thing

That’s why there is no Ode to Freedom truly worth remembering
I wish someone would write an Ode to Freedom that we all could sing

About Ode To Freedom

Artist: ABBA
Related Songs: No Doubt About It
Album: Voyage
Release date: 5 November 2021
Recorded: 1978, 2017 –2021
Studio: Riksmixningsverket, Stockholm
Genre: Disco pop [5]synth-pop[4]
Length: 37:03
Label: PolarUniversal
Producer: Benny Andersson

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