Love Lyrics

(feat. L.O.)

[Intro: Benzino]
Zino, unh, Young L.O., don’t start
From Boston to NY, Made Men
We do it for the.. (Love)

Purple haze, Philly blunts niggaz on the corner
Semi-auto weapons with the red scope on it
Niggaz don’t want it
My dogs, we do it for the.. (Love)
Fly bitches, pony tails, jeans fit right
Get brains on the nine o’ clock flight, that’s.. (Love)
This is for them niggaz up in Waldport
Norfolk, Nashua, South Bay, shit you know them niggaz get.. (Love)

I got.. (Love) for the Hangmen 3 cuz they got love for me
I rep for them, they do the same for me
I got.. (Love) for them hustlas who be throwin them dice
All my hood rich niggaz on the block with ice
I got.. (Love) for the deceased that died for the cause
For everybody in the jail house locked behind bars
I got.. (Love) for them ladies in Victoria thongs
That ain’t afraid to hold me down when the shit go wrong

See it’s like.. (Love) when I be blazing up an ounce of hydro
Ride through the projects and there’s no 5-0, that’s.. (Love)
Sitting in the court with a grin on my face
Hundred thousand dollars put up so I can beat this case, you know that’s.. (Love)
Niggaz workin with the Feds, that’s trife
Got your man 25 to life, motherfucker that ain’t.. (Love)

I got.. (Love) for the blunt smokers, the wood smokers
Dutch smokers, even you green leaf rollers
I got.. (Love) for my Timberland boots, Burberry suits
Plenty of loot, topless coupes
I got.. (Love) for my grandmoms, my little brother
For the youth in the struggle together we’ll get tougher

All my niggaz get.. (Love) all my bitches get.. (Love)
Scream.. (Love) L.O… (Love) Zino.. (Love)

We got.. (Love) for them bastard children, still in them buildings
Postin a block, tryna touch a million, that’s.. (Love)

For my people, workin hard at night
Run the graveyard shift, gotta get that money right
You know it’s.. (Love) when I send my boy commissary
and a Playboy magazine with a picture of Halle Berry, that’s.. (Love)
When I let you hold my nine, bring it back
Chicks where you at? You ain’t gotta be a diamond stack

We got.. (Love) for them baby momma strippers
Cuz baby dad ain’t in the picture, don’t worry we here wit cha
It’s all.. (Love) when the dro is lit
Everybody laughin, jokin and shit, now that’s.. (Love)

This is for my niggaz who ain’t here
Pour the Remy out, shed light on incarcerated tears, who got.. (Love)

For the juvie’s in detention halls
Just, hit me collect and I’m accepting the calls, cuz that’s.. (Love)

From these Boston Mass Bandits
Haters can’t stand it and that’s exactly how we planned it
Show me.. (Love)

All my hoods get.. (Love) all my peoples get.. (Love)
C’mon scream.. (Love) Zino.. (Love) L.O… (Love)

All my niggaz get.. (Love) all my bitches get.. (Love)
Scream.. (Love) L.O… (Love) Zino.. (Love)
All my family get.. (Love) all the world get.. (Love)
Scream.. (Love) holla.. (Love) show us love.. (Love)

About Benzino Lyrics

Artist: Benzino
Related songs: Rock The Party Lyrics
Album: Redemption
Release date: March 18, 2003
Label: Sensory
Born: July 18, 1965 (age 57 years), Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Genre: Hip hop music, R&B/Soul, East Coast hip hop, Hip-Hop/Rap, Rap Québ
Record labels: Motown, Elektra Records
Music group: Made Men
Children: Coi Leray, Taj Collins

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