Lonely’s To The Bone Lyrics

“Lonely’s To The Bone”

I took her keys, she took a cab
She made sure the front door slammed
Between the rain and the whiskey the whole thing was still a blurShe caught a plane to San Antone
I got that far then the trail went cold
Since then I haven’t heard a single word from her
Then I found out that

All I’ve lost is all I want
And all I’ll ever need
And I realize the deepest cut
Can take a while to bleed
‘Cause suddenly it hit me that
She left me all alone
And leaving’s only skin deep
But lonely’s to the bone

The phone would ring once or twice
It’d be some number I don’t recognize
But nobody’s ever home when I call it back

Door’s unlocked, coffee’s on
The fire’s burnin’ but she still ain’t home
Don’t know if I’ll ever learn to live with that
And I found out that

Oh, it would be so easy if
Her memory’d just move on
And leaving’s only skin deep
But lonely’s to the bone

Lonely’s to the bone…

About Lonely’s To The Bone

Artist: Aaron Pritchett
Related Songs: Drivin’ Song
Album: Big Wheel
Released: April 18, 2006
Genre: Country
Length: 44:18
Label: OPM
Format: CD, Album, Stereo
Style: Country
Producer: Tom McKillip

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