Kingdom Come Lyrics

“Kingdom Come”

Night like a fever
Got the hot and the cold
Down to channel zero
Watchin’ the game show
Spin that wheel of fortune
Like I could be the one
Then up to ten to find out when the Kingdom comes

Let the Kingdom Come

Me and my woman
Take the same heat
Now we got a baby
Born with our disease
Preacher on the TV, say I could be the one
To bring to pass his church of glass for when the Kingdom comes

Crash the TV station
Gonna play myself a game
You lit the fuse now win or lose
Somebody’s got to pay
My eyes are popping’ like I been staring’ at the sun
I’m ten miles higher than the Kingdom come

When the rich inherited the Earth they left nothing for the meek
Just death row, yeah that’s where you go if you don’t turn the other cheek
They got crack to keep us null and void, heroin to keep us numb
I got my AK and my nine to ease my mind until the Kingdom come

Bodies all around me, as I lay dying in my sins
Yeah I thought I heart the void of God whispering in the wind
I said Jesus can you hear me are you God’s only son
Will I ride with you in glory when the Kingdom come
He’s gonna come like a thief in the night
No man knows what day or night
Let the Kingdom Come

About Kingdom Come

Artist: The Neville Brothers
Related Songs: Ball Of Confusion (That’s What The World Is Today)
Album: Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life
Release date: October 19, 2004
Format: CD, Album, Promo, Cardsleeve
Genre: Funk / Soul
Country: Europe
Label: Back Porch
Style: Funk

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