Family Groove Lyrics

“Family Groove”

In these times of troubles, toils and stress
We’ll always be safe by doin’ what we do best
Playin’ our music, well, that was born down in our souls
Bringin’ people happiness, oh Lord, it’s our only goal

And no matter if we win or lose
We gonna keep the family groove
Hey now, the family groove
Hey now, yes

We play our music for everybody’s pleasure
It’s our heritage, yeah, now, it’s our children’s treasure
Can’t begin to tell you just what it means to me
I know when we play our music it sets my soul free

And no matter if we win or lose
We gonna keep the family groove
Yeah, the family groove
Yeah, now, the family groove

The family groove
Listen now, the family groove
Oh Lord, the family groove, yeah
I know, when we gonna keep the
Family groove, yeah, yeah

This is our story, yeah, this is our song
You know we get along by keepin’ each other strong
Someone is always there, yeah, to hold and comfort me
Well, there’s nothing more blessed than a happy, happy family

And no matter if we win or lose
We keepin’ our family groove
The family groove, yeah
Family groove, yeah, now
Our family groove, hey Lord

C’mon grandma, c’mon grandpa
Family groove, yeah
We will seek [?] yeah, now
Family groove, yeah, now

Family groove, yeah
Family groove, keep on trucking now
Gettin’ in the groove, get on the groove
Family groove, yeah, yeah now

About Family Groove

Artist: The Neville Brothers
Related Songs: Take Me To Heart
Album: Family Groove
Released: May 5, 1992
Studio: New Orleans Recording Company, Louisiana
Genre: R&B
Length: 56:25
Label: A&M
Producer: The Neville Brothers, David Wolinski

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