Everybody Makes It Through Lyrics

“Everybody Makes It Through”

Sunshine brings laughter
Rain clouds brings me down
I know forever after
I need the light, keep me ground
Whoa mama, I get so lonely
In the rain, feel so blue
I want you to remember, I’m your one and only, woman
Hey baby, hey baby, love you true!

Dream boy, on the river
Oh blue skies, on my mind
Ah the fields, seemed to glitter
I know, I know, will bring you down!

Ah baby, I’ve got some thinking
Whoa mama, strip my mind
Hey baby, I took a drinking
I know, I know come around!

In the light, in the light

Oh girl, stop your crying
Oh woman, dry your eyes
Whoa tomorrow, the sun will be shining
You won’t remember all the tears you cried!

Hey baby, I think you wonder
Hey baby, tears of joy
Woman, tears of laughter
Sweet ma, sweet ma, I’m coming home!
‘S all you got to do yeah!

With the light
Everybody needs the light

The light
‘S all you got to do now!

Light, light, light, in the light!
Light, light, light, in the light!

About Led Zeppelin Lyrics

Artist: Led Zeppelin
Related songs:  Bring It On Home Lyrics
Album: Coda
Release date: November 19, 1982
Label: Swan Song Records
Length: 33:04
Active until: 2007
Hall of fame induction: 1995
Origin: London, United Kingdom (1968)
Awards: Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, MORE
Nominations: Grammy Award for Best Rock Album, MORE

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