Do You Know Who’s Livin’ Next Door Lyrics

“Do You Know Who’s Livin’ Next Door”

So many windows
So many walls
Double lock-doors
Down carpeted halls
Somebody’s crying
Somebody calls
Do you know who’s
Livin’ next door?
Here at the mayflower
Here at the mayflower

At the corner of main
And the road out of town
The mayflower rises
All battered and brown
A city-block deep
And a city-block wide
How many stories inside?

So many curtains
So many locks
Eyes at the spy hole

Somebody knocks
Measuring morning
On so many clocks
Do you know who’s
Livin next door?
Right here at the mayflower
Right here at the mayflower

You see there’s aways a change
All at once someone goes
Always new faces
That nobody knows
A panel left blank
On the board by the door
Old lovers that meet like before

So many voices
So many names
So many photos
In so many frames
Mister I know
You’ll be glad that you came
Do you know who’s livin’
Next door

Right here at the mayflower
Right here at the mayflower
Right here

Goin up

Welcome to the mayflower
Welcome to the mayflower

About Barry Manilow Lyrics

Artist: Barry Manilow
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Release date: November 13, 2001
Label: Concord Records
Born: June 17, 1943 (age 79 years), Brooklyn, New York, United States
Marriage location: Palm Springs, California, United States
Songwriting partners: Bruce Sussman, Melissa Manchester, MORE
Awards: Special Tony Award, MORE
Nominations: Laurence Olivier Mastercard Award for Best New Musical, MORE

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