Can’t Stop The Funk Lyrics

“Can’t Stop The Funk”

We been around since bebop
Charlie Man
We been around since doo wop
Me and Aaron y’all
Now we around for the hip-hop
Cyril and them
And we about to make a flip-flip

We’re here in gear
Can’t stop the funk
The groove can’t lose
Can’t stop the funk
We’re back on track
Can’t stop the funk
We’re ready as Freddy
Can’t stop the funk

There’s been some static
New Orleans Funk went galactic
But that don’t change the source
Poppa Funk planted the seed
Young Funksters they took heed
Funk then took its natural course

We’re the professors of the uptown funk
Let this funk flow through your brain
Mixing up some old school with some new school funk
One taste of this funk gumbo and you won’t be the same

It’s the Funk representative
Always coming with that pos never negatives
Never sending mixed messages to young adults
Cause if they out there doing wrong then it ain’t my fault

Ain’t nothing but the Funk coming out the trunk
And who’s gonna stop us from makin’ a nasty dunk
You want Funky like a fat man like a skunk man
It’s not batman but it’s the gas man
Much Funkier than horse manure
When it comes to the Funk
No one can out do us
It don’t get no Funkier that we
Look in the dictionary next to the word Funk you’ll see a picture of me
And the Neville Brothers

About Can’t Stop The Funk

Artist: The Neville Brothers
Related Songs: Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life
Album: Walkin’ In The Shadow Of Life
Release date: October 19, 2004
Format: CD, Album, Promo, Cardsleeve
Genre: Funk / Soul
Country: Europe
Label: Back Porch
Style: Funk

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